I have loved delivering this project, and the youth groups I've worked with have been wonderful! It remains on hiatus due to coronavirus affecting planned delivery, with resource in circulation late 2023. 

In the Summer of 2019 I was the recipient of a small grant for young  entrepreneurs by the Guildhall School for Music and Drama in collaboration with the Barbican. This allowed me to embark on a solo art project, Pride in Progress, a series of art workshops specifically designed for LGBT+ youth groups in the UK. 

Pride in Progress consists of four workshops: 

Art as Activism
LGBT+ History Zine Project
Right this Down
Gender Dysphoria (and what to do about it) 


The workshops are 60-90 minutes long, designed for groups of 10-15 individuals and allow space for free creative expression combined with a couple of more structured educational learning tools. 

12 in-person workshops ran successfully from late 2019- early 2020, with positive feedback.

"Joe was excellent at keeping the young people engaged and it was extremely informative!" 

"A positive engagement of young people in a creative process that relates directly to them....well organised and well pitched."