What do I do if I want a print of an illustration I have seen you post somewhere else, but it isn't listed as a product here on the site? 

Go to the contact section and get in touch. As long as I still have the original you should be able to get a print of it and you can order it from me directly. 

Costs may vary depending on the size of the print you want, but won't be any extra than others on my site that size. Also, allow 2-3 additional working days for dispatching your order! 

How long until I receive my product? 

For products bought through the site UK recipients should allow for Royal Mail 1st Class post delivery time- usually 1-3 days. If the order is over £50 or shipping a long way internationally, I'll have arranged tracked postage for you. 

I want to commission you to draw something, but it's not something I've seen you do. Should I get in touch? 

Of course, I'm always up for new challenges! The list of artwork I have on my site isn't complete or comprehensive. It covers the products I have flat rates for and experience creating, but I also have experience in poster design and other more colourful work which you can ask me further about. Some of my artwork I don't add to the site as it doesn't 'fit' my brand style, but I'm happy to discuss with you further on what I can do for you in terms of branding and larger scale commissions. 

I have not commissioned anything before- how does it work? 

Send me an email outlining the design you have in mind. Include as much detail as possible: I need to know the size of the drawing and the subject matter. If commissioning a pet portrait, or a photo-portrait, attach a good-quality resolution photo to your email. Try to ensure the photo size is at least a quarter of an A4 page and I will get back to you with a price quote and a time-frame for product completion.

If you are happy to proceed I will then ask you to confirm your order- your confirmation after receiving my quote is the point where you have ordered your product.  Shipping is paid in addition as standard first-class (Royal Mail). You will receive an invoice for payment after the product has shipped.

What are your prices for commissions? 

You can find them here. Anything else just get in touch and I will give you a quote. 

There is something wrong with my product- what can I do? 

Oh no! Sorry to hear this. If this does happen, contact me with photos. If something has occurred during shipping, I'm happy to make an exchange or partial refund if it's clear it's happened in transit. 

I love this product! How can I let you know? 

Feedback is always welcome! If you love the product you have received take a photo with it in it's new home and send it to me via my Instagram. You can also directly leave product reviews now on the pages themselves and I'd love it if you could, reviews really help support independent businesses. 

What pens do you use for your art? 

I use a couple of different ones, my favourite brand are Uni Pin Fine Liners. I get through my pens every month though. I tend to use 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 liners most frequently, with 0.05 for tiny details. 

Is Joe Fear your real name? 

Yes and no! It's not made up, it's my Mum's maiden name. My legal name is my Dad's - but I'm just as much a Fear.