What are your prices?

Commissions are open for 2023. Please enquire about availability via email or direct message on Instagram. 

A5: £35 

A4: £50 

A3: £90 

A2+/ specific briefs/tattoo designs: Custom quotes for larger pieces and varying levels of detail. 

I am available for pet and people portraits, custom florals, tattoo designs, wallpaper and fabric patterning and anything else you'd like illustrated.

I want you to feel involved in the process, especially when commissioning gifts for people, it's important to me that i'm working with you the whole way. If you think my style will fit your ideas, let's work together. 


How do I commission something from you?

1. Consultation

Drop me an email at or just send me a DM on instagram. Let me know what you're thinking about including as much detail as possible, if it is a portrait I need reference photos in high res if you have them.

If it's not a portrait, references can still help, so feel free to send as many images as you think will help get your vision across. The more involved you are at the ideas stage, the more likely it is we are working towards something you truly love and are really happy with. Basically, we'll have a chat about your vision for the piece and back and forth a bit on ideas.

2. Sketches

I then send a pencil sketch of the design to you for your consideration. You can make alterations to the design right up until the final inking stage. Anything you're not sure about at this stage can be redrawn, and I encourage you to redraw at this point if you're not sure about the inking stage, because it's much easier to correct! I include 2 complete redraws in pencil with the price.

3. Ink

Once you've told me you're happy i'll move forward to ink. This is the point I will be unable to make any big changes. A complete redraw after inking will have an additional cost, which is why I work with you all the way along the process to make sure you love your art! 

4. Invoice 

I'll invoice you and send you your art to the address you provide. P&P is not included in price of commission, and for larger works can be up to £3.50. If you want any additional services for example, mounts or frames you can discuss with at additional cost.

I hope this guide helps you decide if this is the right process for you. I'm always available for a chat, don't hesitate to ask for quotes for works not listed above.