A5: £20 (includes custom pet & people portraits)

A4: £35 

A3: £50 

Tattoo designs - £25-£40- depends on size, placement and level of detail. 

Logo designs: £10 for a simple logo and consultation.  

Book illustrations/ Cover art please contact for quotes.


How custom commissions work

These prices include an initial consultation where we will discuss your vision for the piece. I then send a pencil sketch of the design to you for your consideration. You can make alterations to the design right up until the final inking stage, at which point I will be unable to make any big changes. A complete redraw after inking will have an additional cost, which is why I work with you all the way along the process to make sure you love your art. I want you to feel involved in the process, especially when commissioning tattoos, logos and gifts, it's important to me that i'm working with you the whole way. 

I'm always available for a chat, don't hesitate to ask for quotes for works not listed above. If you think my style will fit your ideas, let's work together.