Joe is an Illustrator & Visual Artist currently based in Norwich, Norfolk. He works with the media of pen and ink to create detailed illustrative works exploring the themes of femininity, the body, queerness and the natural world. His art is inspired predominantly by lithographic studies, textiles and the aesthetic movement. His style also lends itself to a variety of commissioned works such as tattoos and textiles. His practice as a writer of comics is dedicated to exploring and archiving personal experiences with a focus on first-person narratives, accessibility and fictionalised biographies.
Joe has produced two complete comics, Polygraph & Dear Anna. Both works incorporate the use of the collective, creating a mixed tapestry of voices and allowing others to narrate their own experiences. Polygraph (2016) is a short comic exploring ethical non-monogamy and the perils of sex-positive narratives. Dear Anna (2018) is a longer, patchwork memorial of Anna Dark, made for the Young Barbican Exhibition Common Ground, exploring the collective grieving process and temporary communities. For a copy of Polygraph, contact via email. You can find Dear Anna in the online shop section.  
Joe is very involved in LGBT+ community support work and some of his projects are informed by this. In 2019 Joe was awarded a funding grant from Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs, who in collaboration with the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning team ran the Big Pitch Event 2019. This is funding his project Pride in Progress, art workshops for LGBT+ youth groups, which is running throughout 2019-2020. For more information on this project, check out the 'Workshops' section.