The BeeBox: Commission

I've just finished some cards that are going off to the Beebox to be in their November edition on mental health!

The BeeBox are a great subscription box based on products that support social and sustainable movements in a fun and interactive way.

The collaboration was to make some beautiful cards that people can use to learn some new yoga poses. I wanted to represent all types of bodies because yoga is for everyone, really good for flexibility and for learning new ways to move.

Mental health is really important to me as a survivor of suicide both an attempt and a bereavement so trust me, I know it's so important to do little things to uplift your mental health. I know when I was depressed I would roll my eyes if someone would tell me to do some yoga or breathe etc, but genuinely, take five minutes in the day, do it from bed even. Small things can make a big difference to your day when you're just trying to get through. The Bee Box boxes follow a different scheme each month that focuses on community, social issues and sustainability ... you can follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and email to subscribe! 




These are the cards! You'll notice, a bit outside of my regular, some colour - I do offer colour especially for commissions, so get in touch if you think my style could match your next project.