Covid-19 Shop Update

Firstly, you can still buy from me!

I wanted to inform everyone that due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, I am taking a number of precautions to assist in social distancing to help flatten the curve. My online shop remains open- however this does mean I won't be bringing out any new prints any time soon as that would require numerous trips to non-essential stores. Fortunately, I've got lots in stock and a super cute array of unique designs still for sale.

Secondly, postage: I'm currently able to send you your packages without visiting the post office due to their extended online services, so don't worry! Your packages will still be mailed safely to you via Royal Mail. 

Thirdly, I'm expanding my store to include originals. These are a really great way of not only supporting my work but to start, or add to your own art collection to curate! 

Fourthly, you won't see me out and about anymore (I suppose we should all get used to this!) All markets are on hiatus, but please keep an eye out for virtual markets from the Fierce Babe team and for upcoming ones in a few months time, i'll keep you posted. 

Finally, in these difficult times I would just like to urge you to continue to support independent businesses if you are able to do so! Plenty of self-employed individuals will not be able to access the same levels of government financial support in these difficult times, and are still making and producing joyful things. If you can, support your local stores, shout out the last indie biz you bought from, write a maker a lovely review and recommend people to friends!

Thanks so much for all your support in these new and unusual times, and for making this beautiful venture possible in the first place. Keep your eye on instagram for new art from me xxx