Bluebirds Handmade, 29th August

Really looking forward to (and actually a bit nervous about, because it's my first outdoor market) Bluebirds handmade market at Pier Gardens, Gorleston on the 29th August 10-4. 

It's also my first market back in person where I'm by my stall and (hopefully) getting to chat as you have a browse! I'm nervous because it's outdoors, and consequently i've got to start thinking, how do I secure my stock when it's windy? How do I plan the space of a gazebo? Where are the nearest chips? 

But also because Covid-19 means I've been careful in my market decisions and the ones I've chosen have been very conscientious in their planning, meaning, I don't have to be there to sell in person. Being outdoors, there isn't so much of a worry with this market and It also means this is the first market I can do again with my Mum, who is one of the biggest sources of help and support of the business.  I'm looking forward to that, as setting up a big stall area alone is really time consuming, not to mention you need good company for a full day out and about!

I'm sure it will all be ok (weather permitting - fingers crossed everyone) and I hope those of you in the area will come and say hello. I'm looking forward to being able to get back out there and spend the day with a lovely bunch of local makers and artists!